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Nayano ~ Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Classes, Intensive Workshops,  Osho groups & Active Meditations ~ Founder of Urban Namaste ~ International, Senior Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher, certified to facilitate the most advanced Ipsalu workshops and Teacher Certification trainings. I have been teaching Tantra Kriya since 2002, a practitioner of the healing arts of massage therapy and energy work since 1996 and a Reiki Master/teacher since 1999. I have created a series of healing workshops and processes from my own healing journey...some I describe as "dance therapy". As an Osho sannyasin, I traveled to India on two separate occasions to study and learn more about my path as a teacher. I resonate deeply with Osho's philosophy of non-dogmatic, self-mastery and living with totality, honesty and full heart. I feel intensely that my purpose as a teacher is to support others in becoming more alive, awake and to be living their truth and purpose

About Aananda Yoga School:

Surendran Pandaran ~ 200 hour YA Teacher Training Certification  


            In 1982, living in New Delhi, India, Surendran become more involved with Yoga and was a regular practitioner at the local branch of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. He also learned Transcendental Meditation at that time.  In 1985, he completed a Yoga teacher-training course from “Kaivalyadhamma Yoga Samiti.”  In 1987 he moved to USA.  While living in New York City, he was involved with a local Iyengar Yoga studio, attending classes and other workshops and often commuted to Swami Muktananda’s Siddha Yoga Ashram in South Fallsburgh, upstate New York.  In 1999, he completed Sri Naranda Yoga Teacher Training Course, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In India, he studied yoga at Sivananda Ashrams both in Kerala and Rishikesh.  Later, at the Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy in Rishikesh, he completed their Vedanta course. He also studied at the Yoga Institute of Mumbai and Yoga Niketan in Rishikesh.   

Presently, he is registered with Yoga Alliance as an Experienced 500 hour Yoga Teacher.  Aananda, Inc., of which he is President, is also registered with Yoga Alliance to conduct 200-hour Yoga teacher training programs.  Aananda, Inc. has been conducting Yoga Teacher Training programs for the last 12 years and so far graduated over 300 teachers.   


Rich Gausman ~ Sound Healing Meditations & Reiki

Vibrational Reiki  Cyrstal Bowl  Gong Healing Meditations
Mixed with special guest practitioners from light Yin Bliss Yoga , Crystal Healing , Aromatherapy Meditation reiki healers and many other magical experiences
The Tuesday evening collective is all about coming together to receive healing vibrations and frequencies from the Quartz Crystal Healing Bowls , Symphonic Gong and Collective consciousness  
Vibrating Harmonic Phase Coherence.
By consciously bringing attention to your breath and collectively meditating we create a amazing space for our bodies to heal and our chi life force energy to to enter our heart space and create harmonic octaves of vibrating love.
During the evening I activate my Reiki Symbols bringing the healing Reiki energy into the room and during the meditation I send the Reiki out vibrational through the Gong
The space and meditation is open to all, young , seasoned , advanced and beginners  
come and melt into your yoga mat as your bathed in healing vibration and collective

Rev Kristen McAloon ~ Reiki, Meditation & Sound Healing
Usui & Kundalini Reiki Master @ PureLoveEvolution.com
Kristen is a native of sunny South Florida and founder of the Pure Love Evolution, Inc.
She practices and teaches Reiki and other energy modatlities full time.
Her primary focus is promoting balance and self-empowerment in the most fun, friendly and expanding ways.
Heather Hickson LAc ~  Spirit Animal Journey & Mantra Wednesdays ~ NSEV Acupuncture during Sound Healing
Dr. Heather Hickson is a licensed Acupuncture Physician in the state of Florida.  She graduated magna cum laude from the Everglades University where she received her Bachelors of Alternative Medicine and from Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine where she received a Bachelors of Health Science and Masters of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture.  Heather’s passion to become a healer started early on in her childhood. Immersed in books, didactic courses and seminars on integrative nutrition, wellness, and mind body work, Heather became a master in Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy. By eighteen, she started researching heavily on ways to heal diseases naturally, with a strong determination to examine the root problem of all disease. In 2010, Heather successfully published a study on cellular rejuvenation using Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ions and Amethyst Crystals. As a licensed Acupuncturist and an expert in NSEV™, a modern adaptation of an ancient Chinese medicine and acupuncture healing system that addresses a person’s core patterns of functioning, Heather is able to assist her patients in reversing many ailments through her usage of ancient herbs, nutrition, biomat therapy, moxibustion, cupping, magnet therapy with Ion pumping cords, medical tuning forks, sound therapy, aromatherapy oils and injection therapy.  
Private sessions available: 954-461-7529 or heatherhicksonap@gmail.com
John Moore ~ Family Constellations   
Life Coach, Minister, A Course in Miracles teacher, and Family Constellations Facilitator. He brings over 12 years of commitment and dedication to his spiritual practice and teaching. As a teacher, John has a unique way of breaking down seemingly complex ideas from the Course, making them easy to understand by using clear examples from his own life.  A pioneer in the practice of Family Constellations and a graduate of the Family Constellations Institute of Miami (FCIM), John’s intuitive abilities and years of studying A Course in Miracles make him an exceptional facilitator.  His insights and guidance assist participants in getting to the heart of the matter so they can discover for themselves the bigger picture, how everything is connected, and a greater awareness of the healing power of love.  John also trains new facilitators at FCIM in this revolutionary healing modality.  As a coach and facilitator, his compassion, humor, and nonjudgmental attitude create a safe environment where clients allow themselves to be vulnerable, thus empowering them to do the deeper soul work and experience radical transformation.  To learn more about coaching and constellations with John please visit www.PeaceThroughOneness.com.

Bhaskar ~ Kirtan with local musicians

Bhaskar was introduced to chanting as a devotional path upon meeting his guru, Swami Muktananda, in 1976.  Since that time, he has immersed himself in the richness of devotional chanting both through daily practices and by leading chanting groups in ashrams and centers throughout New England and South Florida, where he currently resides and leads monthly Kirtans at Urban Namaste Spiritual Center. 

For 20 years, Bhaskar also sang, toured, recorded with and, on occasion, conducted “On Wings Of Song”.  He has also sung in and conducted choirs in Massachusetts and Florida, including The Halalisa Singers, The Mystic Choral, Hope Community Church Gospel Choir, and Unity on The Bay Gospel Choir. Bhaskar’s chants are celebratory in nature.  As a long standing Bhakti Yogi,  he chants with a love for God that simultaneously awakens and satiates one’s yearning for connection with the divinity that is around us and expresses through and as us.
Steve Mangini ~ Sound Meditation & Crystal Pyramids
Steve is a true alchemist. He believes that sound expands your consciousness, bypassing mental noise, allowing one to know what lies within. Through the power of beautiful sacred tones, vibrations and harmonics, Steve is able to facilitate transformation.
Steve is a certified Cranial Temple Activation (level 2) practitioner and Reiki facilitator.
He works with the electromagnetic body through sound frequency and sacred geometry.
By stimulating and activating the endocrine system, he is able set the template for new energy.
Steve is devoted to inner peace through knowledge and meditation.

Avinash - Guest Teacher ~ Awakening of Love/ Path of Love

Boulder, Colorado, United States
Language(s): English

Avinash brings over 30 years of experience as a meditator, and facilitator in the spiritual inquiry process. He is the co-founder of the Osho Leela Center For Transformation in Boulder, Col and has experience over a wide range of transpersonal therapies and self exploration modalities, including Breath Energy, NLP, Primal Therapy, Somatic Experience Trauma Work, Conscious Counseling and Relationship. He has been involved in the Path of Love for over 12 years. 

Roshan ~ Guest Teacher * Osho Therapist ~ Primal Therapy Groups, "Who Is In?" Intensives & Satori Workshops

Languages: Spanish, German, English

Educated as an Osho therapist, has been trained in numerous techniques, such as “Voice Dialogue” (working with internal voices), Primal Deconditioning, Emotional Release, Bio Energetics, Body Type reading, Co- Dependency, Enlightenment Intensive work, and Tantra Energetics. His work reflects many years of self-inquiry, and radiates a heart-felt, compassionate, deep understanding of personality and essence. Born in Argentina, Roshan now lives in Costa Rica and Germany. We are grateful to have him as a visiting teacher, and forever part of our family.

Karen Truhon, RN ~ Guest Teacher 
Theta Healing & Sacred Activation Circles

 Karen Truhon, RN is an Intuitive Energy Practitioner

with over 38 years in traditional & holistic healing.

She has dedicated her life to inspiring, guiding & teaching

balance into the lives of others, both children & adults.

Her journey from mainstream medical training as a

Registered Nurse to holistic modalities, was inspired by

her own remarkable recovery from 5 surgeries through

Reiki & ThetaHealing®. Karen knew her purpose was

to teach others how to tap into & use their own miraculous

natural healing abilities through private sessions,

workshops & healing circles.

Karen is certified as a ThetaHealing® Instructor, Karuna Holy

Fire Reiki ®Master Teacher, Meditation Facilitator, Angel Healer Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Crystal Healer & Medium.

Sessions available in person, phone or skype.

Contact info: 954-478-6749 or healingkaren@gmail.com

Website: www.reikikaren.com


Sonia Hankin LMHC ~ Journey Dance ~ Guest Teacher
Sonia calls herself Your Confidence Coach.  She is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Certified Master Integrative Coach trained in shadow work with Debbie Ford at the Ford Institute for Transformational Training, workshop facilitator, motivational speaker, certified JourneyDance™ Facilitator, and host to True Inner Confidence radio show on BBM Global Network and TuneIn Radio.   Sonia is compassionately committed to helping others being true to themselves and living an authentic life.
In the past 14 years, Sonia has had the privileged of supporting and guiding others to fall in love with who they are, heal their emotional wounds, get unstuck, unlock their confidence, claim their untapped internal wisdom and creativity to make sustainable life changes.  
Her life experiences including the challenges of motherhood, overcoming emotional traumas of her past, healing a food addiction of 15 years, and living with multiple sclerosis has given Sonia all the wisdom and expertise she needs to help others in freeing themselves from their limited beliefs.  Her passion for dancing and movement led her to become a JourneyDanceTM Facilitator where all of her wisdom, intuition and knowledge is brought to the dance floor.  She guides you in landing in your body, releasing emotions and creating empowerment and joy. Teaching her life wisdom on the dance floor while people are freeing unexpressed emotions, creating new space for their true desires, and allowing themselves to be completely free is one of her greatest joys.  Her vision is to shift consciousness on this planet through movement and music so that we can all heal and make a difference together.  To learn more about Sonia, please visit her website at www.soniahankin.com.
Denise Dobbs ~ Liberation Breathing ~ Visiting Teacher 
Denise is a licensed massage therapist specializing in craniosacral, Reiki, sports, and integral massage since 2005. Denise is also a certified Liberation Breathing coach. Liberation Breathing or Rebirthing Breathwork helps you trace complex issues in your life to the origins of your subconscious mind and supports you in finding solutions and resolutions to deep seated issues. Denise has been trained to guide your breath in a way that enables you to process the emotions, ideas, and breakthroughs that occur during the session. She has also been practicing yoga since 1993 and says its the modality that has supported her through some of her darkest times of her life. Denise teaches yoga from different yoga styles while focusing on the breath. "I feel into the group and create each class in the moment," says Denise. Denise also is the founder of Yacht Crew Without Borders (www.ycwb.org) and owner of Hands Om Crew Agency (www.handsomcrew.com). Call her to book a private session or come to her monthly group breathwork workshops here at Urban Namaste. (954) 815-1397